Conférence de clôture

Earth Observation
Data Science and Beyond

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La conférence de clôture aura lieu au :

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Paris, 292 rue St Martin, Paris 3ème
amphi Jean Baptiste Say (amphi Y)

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Earth Observation Data Science and Beyond

Satellites are the only global Earth Observation (EO) data source. The
field of EO is presently at a key turning point, EO Big Data are now freely
and openly accessible, the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are
explosively progressing and the computational and communication
capacities are immense. This context and trends bring the AI paradigms
and EO methodologies and applications in a new era. The theoretical
and technological progress is amplifying the use of the EO broadening
the impact in all major domains, climate, food security, urbanization, only
to enumerate few. The presentation is an overview of the achievements
in the frame of International Blaise Pascal Chair of Excellence for EO
Data Science in these areas, concluding with a vision of the AI4EO

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